Wednesday, June 22, 2011

French Toast

In Benjamin's preschool class, the teachers asked the kids to recount a recipe of their choosing to put in the class cookbook. The teachers wrote down everything the children said. Here's Benjamin's recipe.

French Toast
by Benjamin Turnour
First you get some bread, and then you get a bowl. And then you hit 2 eggs on the side of the bowl. And then you dump all the stuff in both eggs into the bowl. And then if there's a little bit of shell inside, then you pick it out. And then you dip the bread inside the egg. First you put butter on the pan, and then you spread the butter around. And then you put the bread with the egg on it in the pan. You let it cook, and then you take it out, and it's French toast. And if you want you can put sugar on it.

Sixteen of the eighteen children ended their recipes with "Then you eat it," with one more saying, "Then you could eat it" (spaghetti).

I took Benjamin and Stuart to cooking classes last summer. The first lesson, which Benjamin appears to have learned well, was French toast. Stuart had just turned 2. I took them to preschool after the cooking class, and one of Stuart's teachers reported that Stuart had told her about the cooking class. She said he explained it as follows: We made French toast. Eggs. Round and round.

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  1. They can make me french toast any time, round, square or whatever. I'll be in line at the end to eat it.