Sunday, July 1, 2012

Piano Recital

I've been Coming Around the Mountain for about a month now, but we are now officially around it. Today, Benjamin performed spectacularly in his second piano recital. Stuart also performed spectacularly in the audience (partly because of the promise of a doughnut hole when it was over). Because Steve and I each accompanied Benjamin, Stuart was responsible for some of the video recording. You can see when I took the camera, because my hands were shaking a bit when I came off the stage, and the camera went from being held by a wiggly person to being held by a shaky person. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Spellbinder Dies

So I have been into my paper crafts again for a while now. I'm just enjoying making things that are pretty, and I'm not being as fixated on the materials, designs, and images being original works of art. So I'm using my rubber stamps, pretty designer paper, and fabricated dies, not to mention powders, inks and, oh! no! glitter.

Last weekend, I bought some new Spellbinder dies with pretty borders. I was just testing them out, when Stuart and Benjamin decided to put them to good use. They made crowns for their animals, and then donned the Saint Patrick's Day hats they made in their respective schools and posed for this photo.
Paper hats
I know the kids are cute, but see the hats on the animals? Bub-Owl had to sit in a strawberry basket because he falls down.