Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Benny's card for Stuart

Benjamin draws people.They have a round head and legs. Here's one:

Last week, Benjamin came home from school with a birthday card for Stuart. He included a drawing of Stuart on the swings (look he's holding on!) and of himself, going down the slide.

That's a great picture, Benny. How'd you know to draw the swing like that? "I was just trying things out, and I tried that, and, yep! I sure did make a good one."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Food in your tummy

I should have saved that last picture of Stuart. It really goes with this story. Stuart was wearing a large portion of his food, and spilling peas (gleefully) over the edge of his plate. Steve said, Stuart! I do not want your food on the floor. I want it in your tummy. Stuart immediately, and obediently, lifted  his shirt, and put a pea in his bellybutton.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Stuy said, "Tummy's owie. Band-aid, please!"

Monday, May 3, 2010


I lay down with Stuart on my bed, to try to get him to go to sleep. He was not too sleepy and very talkative. He started out by asking for things. "Bub-owl! Bub-owl!" Where's Bub-owl, Stuart? "Don't know." He feels around and does not find Bub-owl, and says, "Down there!" I find the owl. "Bub-owl! Yay!"

Then after a pause, "Duck Blanky!" "Duck Blanky!" I thought if I just quietly ignored it, he'd give up, but after the 20th "Duck Blanky!" I called out to Steve who was in the hall way that we needed Duck Blanky.  Steve tossed it in, and Stuart said, "Yay. Duck Blanky, on top." So I spread the duck blanky on top.

There was another pause, and then, "Banana! Milk! Banana! Milk!" No Stuart. It's bedtime. "Banana!!" "Banana!!" "Wah. Banana." He would have stomped his foot, but he was lying down. I said that maybe I should go to sleep, and he should get up and do work, and he said, "No. Me sleep. You work." And he fell asleep almost immediately. Unfortunately, so did I, and now I'm too groggy to do much but go to bed. Tomorrow is another day.


Benjamin learned a new joke. Why is the 6 afraid of the 7? Because 7 8 9! He told it to Steve, "Why did the 7 eat the 9?" Later on that day, Benjamin came to me and said he had a new joke. "It's just like yours, except with different numbers!"