Sunday, July 18, 2010


Surf's up!
Benjamin pushed his fork into a potato at dinner and held it up. He said, "Now that," dramatic pause, " is an overcooked potato." Everyone is a critic.

Before we remodeled our kitchen, the countertop was made from 4 inch tile squares. Steve broke two of these tiles at one point, trying in vain to separate two frozen sausages, by banging them on the counter.  This morning, we were at Bristol Farms, and Steve was buying sausages. "What's a banger?" Benjamin asked. A sausage. "Is that what daddy broke the counter top with? Is that why they call them bangers?" I can't imagine why we didn't think of that one ourselves, in the all grief Steve has received from me for that trick.

When we were driving home from the market, Benjamin said, "Look, there's a balloon caught in the shrubbery. Sorry, I talked Australian. I mean bush." Bring me a shrubbery or I will say Ni!

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